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Grace Reformed Network

Helping people find rest in the sufficiency of Christ

Our Vision

The Heart Behind GRN

We hope to see more churches grounded in confessional theology. This is because we desire to see more people find rest in the sufficiency of Christ for them. We are concerned for legitimate Christ-centered preaching. We understand covenant theology to be the thread that runs through the Reformed tradition. We are committed to the purity of the mission of the church, which we understand to be the right preaching of the word of Christ and the right administration of the sacraments for the salvation of God’s elect. We long to see confessional unity amongst Baptists once again.

Our Board

The Network

Membership Benefits & Requirements

The church is the way God sustains his people in this life.

Requirements for Membership

Our confession of faith, along with affirmations and denials.
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Membership Benefits

How does GRN benefit your church, pastors, and the cause of Christ?
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Why Join GRN?

Justin Perdue and Jon Moffitt (pastors and hosts of Theocast) explain the need for GRN and the heart behind it.
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